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    TNA Knockouts New Years Eve


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    TNA Knockouts New Years Eve Empty TNA Knockouts New Years Eve

    Post  TooNook on Tue Dec 22, 2009 12:30 pm

    TNA is taping the New Year’s Eve Knockouts special tonight in Orlando. Below are live spoilers, thanks to Eddie Jorge for text messaging them in.

    Hamada defeats Madison Rayne in a #1 contender’s tournament match.

    ODB defeats Traci Brooks in another tournament match.

    Roxxi defeats Velvet Sky in the third tournament match. Roxxi is interviewed after the match but gets laid out by Lacey Von Erich.

    Awesome Kong beats Daffney with the Implant Buster in the final first round tournament match.

    Sarita and Taylor Wilde successfully defend their Tag Titles against April Hunter and Lorei Lee from Shimmer.

    Hamada defeats Roxxi in a semi-final tournament match.

    ODB defeated Awesome Kong after smashing her in the head with a beer bottle. Looks like it’s ODB vs. Hamada in the final.

    The Motor City Machineguns defeat The Young Bucks in a tryout match that won’t be airing on TV. Great match here.

    Lizzy Valentine defeats Amber O’Neal in a match with lots of botched moves.

    ODB defeated Hamada to become the new #1 contender to the Knockouts title. Kong came out with a table but ended up getting sent to the back after she set it up. Hamada went to moonsault ODB through the table but ODB moved.

    Jeremy Borash interviewed ODB after the match and announced she would get her title shot on the January 4th live iMPACT. ODB says she’s getting her belt back. ODB cuts a promo on Tara and tells her to go back where they show their skin instead of wrestle, WWE. Tara comes out and rips on ODB’s look. Tara slaps ODB and they fight until security comes in.

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