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    WWE: Year 2010


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    WWE: Year 2010 Empty WWE: Year 2010

    Post  TooNook on Thu Jan 07, 2010 1:33 pm

    The Backstory - All you need to Know:

    All you need to know is, Vince dropped the whole guest host gimmick the week after Bet Hart hosted. Vince was the last guest host before announcing that his daughter Stephanie McMahon would be returning to take her place back as General Manager of Raw.
    Melina suffered an injury forcing the Divas Championship to be vacated. A Tournament started, Maryse beat Brie Bella & Eve to get to the finals while Gail Kim beat Jillian & Alicia Fox to get to the finals.
    Vance Archer won the ECW homcoming tournament, he recives a shot a Christian's ECW Championship in the last ECW at the Royal Rumble.
    John Cena vs Sheamus was made offical for the Royal Rumble with the WWE Championship on the line.
    Undertaker vs Batista vs Rey Mysterio was also made offical for the World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble.
    And that is all you need to know.



    General Manager: Stephanie McMahon
    Commentary: Jerry Lawler & Michael Cole
    Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts
    Backstage Interviewer: Josh Mathews

    Superstars & Divas:

    Alicia Fox
    Big Show
    Brie Bella
    Chavo Guerrero
    Chris Masters
    Cody Rhodes
    Evan Bourne
    Ezekiel Jackson
    Gail Kim
    Jack Swagger
    John Cena
    Kelly Kelly
    Kofi Kingston
    Mark Henry
    Nikki Bella
    Randy Orton
    Rosa Mendez
    Santino Marella
    Shawn Michaels
    Ted Dibiase
    The Miz
    Triple H
    Vance Archer
    Zack Ryder

    Tag Teams/Stables:

    Degeneration X - Triple H, Shawn Michaels & Hornswoggle
    The Legacy - Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase
    The Bella Twins - Brie Bella & Nikki Bella
    Mark Henry & MVP


    WWE: Year 2010 Sheamus1
    WWE Champion: Sheamus
    Previous Champion: John Cena
    Defences: 1

    WWE: Year 2010 TheMiz1
    United States Champion: The Miz
    Previous Champion: Kofi Kingston
    Defences: 1

    WWE: Year 2010 GailKim
    Divas Champion: Gail Kim
    Previous Champion: Melina
    Defences: 0

    WWE: Year 2010 TripleH
    WWE: Year 2010 ShawnMichaels-1
    Unified Tag Team Champions: Degeneration X
    Previous Champions: Big Show & Chris Jericho
    Defences: 0


    General Manager: Theodore Long
    Assistant General Manager: Vickie Guerrero
    Commentary: Matt Striker & Todd Grisham

    Superstars & Divas

    Beth Phoenix
    Caylen Croft
    Charlie Haas
    Chris Jericho
    CM Punk
    David Hart Smith
    Dolph Ziggler
    Drew Mclntyre
    Eric Escobar
    Jimmy Wang Yang
    John Morrison
    Kung Fu Naki
    Luke Gallows
    Matt Hardy
    Michelle McCool
    Mickie James
    Mike Knox
    Rey Mysterio
    Shelton Benjamin
    Slam Master J
    The Great Khail
    The Hurricane
    Trent Barreta
    Tyson Kidd
    Yoshi Tatsu

    Tag Teams/Stables:

    The Hart Dynasty - David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd & Natalya
    Cryme Tyme - JTG & Shad
    Worlds Greatest Tag Team - Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin
    CM Punk & Luke Gallows
    Jimmy Wang Yang & Slam Master J
    Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft


    WWE: Year 2010 Undertaker
    World Heavyweight Champion: Undertaker
    Previous Champion: CM Punk
    Defences: 1

    WWE: Year 2010 DrewMclntyre
    Intercontinental Champion: Drew Mclntyre
    Previous Champion: John Morrison
    Defences: 0

    WWE: Year 2010 MichelleMcCool
    Womens Champion: Michelle McCool
    Previous Champion: Melina
    Defences: 0

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    WWE: Year 2010 RoyalRumbleLogo


    The Royal Rumble is always a great way to start off the year, the road to Wrestlemania XXVI begins at the Royal Rumble. World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker takes on Rey Mysterio & Batista in a Triple Threat Match with the gold on the line.
    Christian takes on the undefeated Vance Archer, the ECW will be on the line one last time in the ECW Homecoming Final match.
    The Divas Championship is vacant who will walk out of the Rumble Champion, Maryse or Gail Kim?
    WWE Champion Sheamus wiil defend his Championship against John Cena, who will be pinned or who will tap out?
    And the mainevent will see 30 superstars from Raw, Smackdown & ECW battle it out in an over the top Royal Rumble Match, the last person standing will go on to headline Wrestlemania XXVI.

    Final Card:
    30 Man Royal Rumble Match

    World Heavyweight Championship Match - Triple Threat Match
    Undertaker vs Batista vs Rey Mysterio

    WWE Championship Match
    Sheamus vs John Cena

    Divas Championship Match
    Maryse vs Gail Kim

    ECW Championship Match
    Christian vs Vance Archer

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    WWE: Year 2010 RoyalRumbleLogo

    The Royal Rumble begins with a promo video for the WWE & World Heavyweight Championship matches, the video also shows some superstars who are in the 30 man Royal Rumble match with they all saying they will go on to mainevent Wrestlemania XXVI.

    The pyro explodes and the crowd roars with excitment as it's time for the first WWE pay-per-view of the year, the Royal Rumble. Michael Cole welcomes everyone to the Royal Rumble, joining him is Jerry "The King" Lawler and your "Teacher" Matt Striker. Striker hypes up the ECW Championship, Cole hypes the two world title matches and Lawler hypes the divas match aswell as the 30 man Royal Rumble match.

    The camara goes to the center of the ring where Justin Roberts is getting ready to annouce the first match of the night.

    (Match 1)
    ECW Championship Match
    Christian vs Vance Archer

    - Christian comes out to a huge pop, Vance Archer gets some heat.
    - As Archer makes his way to the ring a video package is shown of who he defeated in the ECW Homecoming Tournament.
    - The match starts with the two locking up, Archer overpowers Christian and pushes him across the ring.
    - Archer gets the upper hand and hits Christian with a side walk slam and covers, getting a two count.
    - Archer puts Christian on the top of the turnbuckle and goes to suplex him off, Christian fights back pushing Archer off.
    - Christian hits a missile dropkick on Archer.
    - Christian starts to make a come back but is cut off with a huge big boot from Archer.
    - Replays are shown of the big boot.
    - Archer covers Christian but he kicks out at two, only just though.
    - Archer signals for the end and goes for his modified reverse DDT, Christian reverses it into a roll up and gets a two count.
    - Christian ducks a clotheline and hit's Archer with is own reverse DDT, Christian goes for another cover getting a two count once again,
    - Archer throws Christian into the turnbuckle and charges at him, Christian slips through the second rope and Archer hits the turnbuckle and Christian slingshots his legs into Archer's face.
    - Christian goes up top and goes for a crossbody, Archer catches Christian and sets him up for the reverse DDT.
    - Archer hits the reverse DDT on Christian and covers, the refree counts 1..2..and stops!
    - He spots due to Christian's foot on the rope and Archer starts to argue with the refree.
    - Archer turns his back on Christian to argue and then turns back to Christian who rolls up Archer with an inside cradle.
    - Archer kicks out at two and Archer is back to his feet before Christian.
    - Archer backs up, bounces off the ropes and goes for another big boot.
    - Christian dodge's out of the way and Archer's foot hits the turnbuckle.
    - Christian goes behind Archer who is limpping and hits the "Killswitch".
    - Christian covers Vance Archer 1..2...3!

    Winner and still ECW Champion - Christian

    - Christian is handed the ECW Championship back, he celebrates his victory by going up on each turnbuckle and holding the ECW Championship high in the air.
    - Replays are shown of the ending of the match and Archer's naer victory as Christian exits the ring and walks up the ramp.
    - Christian walks up the ramp and to the back, the camara's follow him.
    - He walks behind the curtian to see ECW General Manager Tiffany, who congratulates Christian on his win and then asks for the title since it's now retired.
    - Christian looks at the title kisses it and hands it to Tiffany, he walks off as the camara pans on the ECW Championship.

    - Backstage we see Todd Grisham, he is standing by with the WWE Champion Sheamus.
    - Todd asks him about his match tonight.
    - Sheamus says that he will take the fight to Cena and win.
    - He says that he beat Cena at TLC and he will do it again tonight, Sheamus says that he is the future of the WWE and John Cena is just the past.
    - Sheamus ends the interview by saying after tonight the WWE Universe will learn to respect their WWE Champion, he holds the title up then walks off.

    - The camara cuts the ring where Justin Roberts is standing in the ring ready to announce the next match.

    (Match 2)
    Divas Championship Match
    Maryse vs Gail Kim

    - Maryse is out first to some heat, the Divas Championship tournament brackets are shown on the titiantron.
    - It shows that Maryse had to beat Brie Bella & Eve to get to the finals, Gail Kim had to beat Jillian & Alicia Fox to get here.
    - Gail Kim is out next to a small pop, she is wearing her old ring gear, the sunglasses and trench coat.
    - Maryse laughs at Gail as she enters the ring, Maryse doesn't waste time attacking Gail as she enters.
    - Maryse starts by slapping and kicking Gail while she is down, she then grabs her by the hair and throws her across the ring.
    - Gail backs up in the corner and Maryse runs at her, Gail gets her leg up and hits Maryse in the face.
    - Gail grabs Maryse by the hair and throws her into the turnbuckle, the impact is so hard Maryse lets out a yelp and falls to the mat.
    - Gail picks her back up and does some backhand chops to Maryse's chest, the crowd let out some "woo's" as Gail does them.
    - Maryse ducks one of the chops and goes for one of her own but Gail ducks that and hits another chop on Maryse.
    - Gail irish whips Maryse across the ring, Gail goes for a dropkick but Maryse holds on to the ropes.
    - Maryse covers Gail only getting a one count.
    - Maryse then starts to kick Gail's left leg and starts to wear it down.
    - Maryse lock in a modified figure four leg lock, the crowd do some more "woo's".
    - Gail screams in pain as Maryse mouths off, Gail starts to move closer to the ropes.
    - Maryse lifts her self up on her hands and walks on her hands back to the center of the ring.
    - Maryse starts to laugh and Gail tries to turn Maryse over.
    - Gail turns Maryse over and she starts to scream before undoing the hold.
    - Gail hits Maryse with some clothesline's.
    - Maryse ducks one and Gail bounces off the ropes and does a hurricanrana into the cover.
    - Gail gets a two count, she gets back up and is hit with a roundhouse kick to the back of her head.
    - Maryse covers Gail but only gets two.
    - Maryse goes for the "French Kiss" but Gail reverse's it into "Eat Defeat"
    - Gail doesn't cover Maryse instead she goes up top.
    - Gail slowly climbs the turnbuckle as Maryse lies on the mat motionless.
    - Gail goes for a moonsult, the crowd start to cheer.....Gail hits it!
    - Gail Kim covers Maryse. 1...2....3!

    Winner and new Divas Champion - Gail Kim

    - Gail Kim is awarded the Divas Championship, she walks around the ring celebrating.
    - She then gets out of the ring and walks up the ramp holding the Divas Championship as we cut to a promo tape.

    - The promo tape show's Batista turnning on Rey Mysterio and screen shots of there match at Survivor Series.
    - It then shows Batista attacking Undertaker leading up to the TLC pay=per-view.
    - Some more screen's are shown of there match at TLC.
    - Some more is shown of Rey, Batista & Taker on Smackdown.
    - It shows the beat the clock matches and that Rey cost Batista his match, we see some of Rey vs Taker and Batista attacking both of them.
    - It shows Rey Mysterio 619ing Batista & Taker and Rey saying at the Royal Rumble he will walk out the new World Heavyweight Champion.
    - Batistia is then shown power bombing Rey & Taker, he then says he has beaten both of them before and at the Rumble he will do it again and leave as the World Heavyweight Champion.
    - We see Undertaker tombstone Batista and give Rey the last ride as Taker's voice says he will leave the Royal Rumble still World Heavyweight Champion.
    - The promo tape ends with all three holding the title high in the air.

    (Match 3)
    World Heavyweight Championship Match - Triple Threat Match
    Undertaker vs Batista vs Rey Mysterio

    - Rey Mysterio is out first to a huge pop, he walks down to the ring and hands a kid in the crowd a mask.
    - Batista is out next to a lot of heat, he goes to do his taunt at the top of the ramp but stops and continues to walk to the ring with no pyro going off.
    - Last out is the World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker who gets a huge pop aswell, he begins his long walk to the ring.
    - The match begins and Undertaker boot's Rey in the face sending him to the outside, Batista the attacks Undertaker.
    - Batista goes for a suplex then covers and get a one count, he pick Taker up and bounces him off the ropes.
    - Taker ducks a clothesline and bounces off the ropes he ducks another and hit's a flying clothesline as the crowd comes to life.
    - Taker gets up and picks Batista up and hits "snakeyes" on Batista, he then bounces off the ropes.
    - Batista moves out of the way, Rey springboards off the ropes as Batista moves and rey is hit with big boot in midair.
    - Taker looks stund, he turns into a spear from Batista.
    - Taker rolls to the outside as Batista covers a fallen Rey Mysterio, Rey kicks out at two.
    - Batista puts Rey in the turnbuckle and starts to shove his sholders into Rey's gut over and over again.
    - Batista hits a powerslam on Rey and covers him, taker breaks the hold then starts to unleash punch after punsh on Batista.
    - Batista pushes Taker away and is dropkicked by Rey into Taker.
    - Batista & Taker both land on the second rope, the crowd goes wild as Rey signals for the 619.
    - Rey hits the 619 on both of them then slowly gets up on the apron.
    - Batista rolls to the turnbuckle as Taker gets back to his feet.
    - Rey leaps off the ropes going for a hurricanrana, Taker lifts Rey back up and turns around.
    - Taker looks like he is going for the Last Ride but Bastia spears Taker, Rey lands on top of Taker.
    - Batista pushes Rey off and covers Taker, the refree gets a one count before Rey kicks Batista in the head.
    - Rey bounces off the ropes and Batista gets up, Rey goes for a head scissors but Batista counters it into a side walk slam.
    -Batista picks up Rey and goes for a "Batista Bomb". Rey conters it into a hurricanrana sending Batista into the second rope.
    - Rey dials it up hitting him with the 619.
    - Taker climbs back in the ring, Rey lands on Batista and covers him.
    - The refree gets a two count before Taker breaks the count.
    - Taker picks Rey up and goes for a chokeslam, Rey counters and sends Taker into the ropes.
    - Rey goes for the 619 on Taker but Taker catches his legs and pulls him off the ropes and hits him with the "Tombstone Piledriver".
    - The refree counts 1...2...3!

    Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion - The Undertaker

    - The Undertaker retains the World Heavyweight Championship, Batista comes in the ring with a chair and swings it at Taker.
    - He nails Undertaker with a shot to his head, Batista's music plays as the crowd lets out a heap of boo's.
    - Batista then holds the Heavyweight Championship in the air and then places it on Undertaker before leaving the ring with Rey & Undertaker down.

    - The camara cuts backstage were Todd Grisham is standing by with John Cena, Cena recives a mixed reaction.
    - John Cena says tonight is the night that Sheamus walks out of the Royal Rumble without the WWE Championship.
    - He then says that Sheamus has put him through a table, Cena says he has also put Sheamus through one.
    - Cena says tonight he will make Sheamus tap out or give him an "Attitude Ajustment".
    - Cena walks off.

    - A promo tape is then shown of the fued between John Cena & WWE Champion Sheamus.

    (Match 4)
    WWE Championship Match
    Sheamus vs John Cena

    - Sheamus is out first to a heap of boo's from the crowd.
    - John Cena comes out a huge pop, Sheamus backs off to the outside as me makes his way into the ring.
    - The match starts the two lock up, Cena pushes Sheamus towards the turnbuckle.
    - Sheamus swings Cena around very quickly putting him against the turnbuckle.
    - The refree tells Sheamus to back up but he kicks Cena in the gut then backs off.
    - Cena shoots out of the turnbuckle and jumps on Sheamus and starts to punch him.
    - Sheamus slides to the outside, Cena follows.
    - Cena suplex's Sheamus on the outside.
    - Cena chants start, John hits Sheamus with some right hands before puting him back in the ring.
    - Cena takes his time getting in the ring, Sheamus manages to hit Cena with the "Irish Curse Kick".
    - Sheamus covers Cena 1...2...Ropebreak!
    - Cena puts his leg on the rope, Sheamus looks shocked.
    - Sheamus locks in a chinlock on Cena.
    - Cena starts to get back up, he his some elbows to Sheamus.
    - Sheamus stops Cena by kneeing him in the back, he twists him around and hits a snap suplex on him,
    - Sheamus covers Cena the fans boo, Cena kicks out at 2.
    - Cena is still laying down as Sheamus undoes the padding from the turnbuckle, the refree is busy checking on Cena.
    - Sheamus picks up Cena and throws him towards the exposed turnbuckle.
    - Cena grabs the top ropes, stopping himself from hitting it.
    - Sheamus runs at Cena, John moves out of the way and Sheamus hits his head on the exposed turnbuckle.
    - John Cena rolls up Sheamus.
    - The refree counts, 1....2....Kickout by Sheamus.
    - Cena is back up, he bounces off the ropes and hits Sheamus with a bulldog.
    - He then picks up Sheamus and hits the "Protoplex".
    - Cena rasies his hand in the air signaling for the "Five Knuckle Shuffle".
    - He bends down to taunt Sheamus and is hit with a hard shot to the face by Sheamus, it echo's around the arena as Cena falls to the mat.
    - Cena is down and out, Sheamus sets up for the "Irish Curse Kick".
    - Sheamus goes for it, Cena moves out of the way.
    - Sheamus turns around and Cena lifts him up for the "Attitude Ajustment".
    - Sheamus rakes Cena's eyes then pushes him into the exposed turnbuckle.
    - Cena turns back around holding his chest, Sheamus with the "Irish Curse Kick".
    - Sheamus covers once more.
    - 1......2......Kickout!
    - Sheamus looks shocked and yells at the refree, the crowd get loud with "let's go Cena" chants.
    - Sheamus picks up Cena and goes for the "Cruserfix Powerbomb".
    - Cena counters by sliding off Sheamus' back.
    - Sheamus turns around, Cena backs off holding his chest.
    - Sheamus runs at Cena, he trips Sheamus over and locks in teh "STF".
    - The crowd cheers as Sheamus reaches for the ropes.
    - He's to far away, Cena tightens his grip and starts yelling "Tap Out".
    - Sheamus slowly starts to move towards the rope, carrying Cena's weight on top of him.
    - He makes it forcing Cena to let go.
    - Cena does so then grabs Sheamus again and draps him to the middle of the ring and goes to lock in the "STF again.
    - Sheamus rolls over though then pushes Cena with his feet to the outside.
    - Cena climbs on the apron holding his chest, Sheamus slowly gets up holding his neck.
    - Cena lock at the turnbuckle, he starts to climb it as the crowd cheers him on.
    - Sheamus is back to his feet and turns around.
    - Cena leaps off the top rope.
    - Sheamus hits the "Irish Curse Kick" while Cena is in mid air.
    - Sheamus crawls over to Cena he puts his arm across his chest for the cover.
    - The refree counts, 1......2....Ropebreak Again!
    - Sheamus gets to his feet, he picks up a motionless John Cena.
    - He takes a while but he lifts him up for the Cruserfix Powerbomb".
    - He gets a run up and Cen slips off once again.
    - Cena pushes Sheamus again towards the exposed turnbuckle but the refree gets caught in the mix and is hit by Sheamus from the front and his back hits the exposed turnbuckle.
    - The refree falls to the mat, Sheamus turns around and Cena hits the "Attitude Ajustment".
    - After hitting Cena falls to the mat both men are down.
    - The camara cuts to the crowd we see a lady jump the wall and run and grab the WWE Championship.
    - The lady turns and faces the camara, it's Katie Lea Burchill.
    - Katie slides the title to Sheamus, the crowd boo's.
    - Katie goes over to the refree and shakes him.
    - Cena starts to get up and crawls to Sheamus.
    - He starts to get up and picks Sheamus up.
    - Sheamus blasts him in the skull with the WWE Championship.
    - Sheamus back to his feet, Cena on one knee and Sheamus hits the "Irish Curse Kick" once again.
    - Katie pushes the refree over, Sheamus covers John Cena.
    - The refree slowly counts.
    - 1..............2...................3!

    - Winner and still WWE Champion - Sheamus

    - Katie Lea enters the ring as Sheamus holds his WWE Championship up in the air.
    - The crowd looks stund, they boo Sheamus and Katie Lea.
    - All three commentarys question as to why Katie Lea got herself involved in this match.
    - Katie holds Sheamus' arm in the air as they walk up the ramp.
    - Replays are shwon of the near falls in the match and Katie Lea getting involved followed by the ending of the match.
    - Sheamus and Katie Lea stand at the top of the ramp as the crowd boos.

    - We see a promo tape for the Royal Rumble match.
    - The tape shows pervious winners and some clips of people getting eliminated.

    (Match 5)
    30 Man Royal Rumble

    - Out first is Evan Bourne to a big pop.
    - Next out and entry number two is Tyson Kidd representing The Hart Dynasty.
    - Both do some good high flying moves to get the crowd excited.
    - Tyson near throws Bourne out at one point.
    - Next in is Cody Rhodes, he starts by attack Eavn Bourne with Kidd.
    - Kidd turns on Cody hitting him with a kick to the head, the crowd cheer.
    - Evan Bourne spingboards on to Kidd but is caught and Kidd powerbombs Evan on to Cody.
    - Entry number four is R-Truth.
    - Truth attacks Cody Rhodes while Bourne is being attacked by Tyson Kidd.
    - Turth throws Cody rhodes over the top rope but Cody holds on.
    - Kidd runs up and pushes Truth over but he holds on.
    - Kidd gets dropkicked from behind by Evan Bourne and hangs on to the rope.
    - All three are hanging with there feet dangleing from the ground.
    - Bourne starts to jump up and down on the second & tope rope.
    - The crowd cheers as all three dangle from the rope.
    - Out next is Ezekiel Jackson.
    - He comes in and clotheslines Evan Bourne, all three get back in the ring.
    - Jackson starts to thrwo all three of the small guys around the ring.
    - Tyson Kidd gets thrown into Cody Rhodes by Jackson.
    - Out next is United States Champion, the "Awesome one" The Miz.
    - Miz comes in and straight away throws R-Truth out.
    - R-Truth is eliminated!
    - Miz celebrates until Bourne starts to attack him.
    - Bourne goes for a hurricanrana, the Miz runs towards the ropes while Bourne is on his sholders.
    - Bourne flips The Miz over, both land on the apron.
    - The Miz & Evan Bourne hit each other with a clotheline but manage to stay on the apron.
    - Jackson is being double teamed by Cody Rhodes & Tyson Kidd.
    - Out next and entry number seven, it's Kofi Kingston.
    - Kofi gets a huge pop from the crowd, he goes after Cody Rhodes.
    - Kofi is hammering at Cody, Kidd pulls Kofi off.
    - Kidd goes for a clothesline, Kofi ducks and hits him with "Trouble in Paridise".
    - Tyson is layed out Kofi goes for the "Boom Drop".
    - He bounces off the ropes and runs into a brickwall, Ezekiel Jackson.
    - Out next is William Regal.
    - Regal & Jackson team up on everyone else, they attack Kofi Kingston first.
    - The Miz & Evan Bourne at fighting and Bourne kicks The Miz to the outside.
    - The Miz hangs on.
    - Out next is Vladimir Kozlov, he runs to the ring and him and Ezekiel Jackson start to brawl.
    - Kozlov hits a big boot on him sending him to the outside.
    - Ezekiel Jackson is eliminated!
    - Kozlov turns his attention to William Regal.
    - Evan Bourne is on the top rope, The Miz is going to seplex him off.
    - Cody Rhodes runs and and powerbombs The Miz off, Evan Bourne holds on to the top rope.
    - Bourne hits the "Shooting Starpress" on The Miz.
    - The crowd stands up clapping and cheering.
    - Next out and entry number ten, Carlito.
    - Carlito goes after Evan Bourne then starts to kick anyone on the ground.
    - Carlito sees Kozlov and goes for the "Backstabber".
    - Kozlov holds on to the ropes and Carlito hits the mat.
    - Kozlov turns around and looks angry then picks Carlito up and thros him out.
    - Carlito is eliminated!
    - Regal runs up behind Kozlov and dumps him over the top rope.
    - Vladimir Kozlov is eliminated!
    - The Miz and Bourne are fighting.
    - Out next is David Hart Smith.
    - Smith and Kidd team up on Kofi Kingston.
    - The Miz gets throw over the ropes but holds on to the ropes.
    - Bourne goes to punch Miz but he ducks it.
    - Bourne then dropkicks The Miz's legs sending him to the floor.
    - The Miz is eliminated!
    - Triple H is out next to a big pop.
    - The Hart Dynasty hit Kofi with "The Hart Attack" as Triple H enters.
    - Triple H starts to attack both members of the Hart Dynasty.
    - Cody Rhodes stops him with a kick to his leg.
    - The Hart Dynasty & Cody Rhodes join forces to attack Triple H.
    - Evan Bourne pulls Cody away and they start to fight.
    - All of a sudden, Kofi Kingston throws William Regal over the top rope.
    - William regal is eliminated!
    - Out next is entry number thirteen, CM Punk!
    - Punk walks out with Luke Gallows.
    - Gallows stands at ringside as Punk goes after Triple H.
    - Punk gets some kicks in on Triple H before bouncing off the ropes.
    - Punk bounces back but Triple H hit Punk with a knee to the head.
    - Triple H goes to hit the pedigree but Luke Gallows holds on to Triple H's legs.
    - Triple H pushes Punk away then kicks Gallows in the face.
    - He turns around and is hit with a hard kick to the head by CM Punk.
    - The Hart Dynasty wants Triple H, Punk throws him at Smith.
    - They set up for The Hart Attack as Punk checks on Gallows.
    - Tyson Kidd gets on the apron and goes for the springboard clothesline.
    - Evan Bourne is on the top rope and shakes it so Kidd falls off, Triple H starts punching Smith.
    - Punk runs over to Bourne and pushes him off the top rope and to the outside.
    - Evan Bourne is eliminated!
    - Punk & Kofi then start to fight, Kofi getting the upperhand.
    - Next out is MVP.
    - MVP knocks down Punk and then does his "Ballin" move.
    - He throws Punk onver the rope but Punk hangs on, Punk manages to pull MVP over to the apron aswell.
    - They fight for a bit, it looks like Punk will throw out MVP but Gallows pulls MVP off.
    - MVP is eliminated!
    - The refree's tell Gallows to go to the back but MVP attacks him.
    - They fight off through the crowd and to the back.
    - While that is happening out comes entry number 15 Mark Henry.
    - Henry goes after CM Punk after what had just happened.
    - After a while Mark Henry is thrown out by Triple H, The Hart Dynasty, Cody Rhodes & CM Punk.
    - Mark henry is eliminated!
    - Next out is Drew Mclntyre the Intercontinental Champion.
    - Drew hits Kofi with the "Scot Drop".
    - He then starts to attack Kofi with kicks and punches.
    - Out next is Ted Dibiase.
    - Ted, Cody & The Hart Dynasty team up attack everyone then single out Triple H.
    - They all start attacking him.
    - Out next is Shawn Michaels.
    - Michaels helps out Triple H and so does Kofi Kingston.
    - Michaels hits a super kick on Rhodes then on on Smith.
    - Triple H pedigree's Kidd and Kofi hits Dibiase with "Trouble in Paridise".
    - Mclntyre tries to throw out Kofi but Kofi hangs on.
    - mclntyre thinks Kofi is gone but is hit with "Sweet Chin Music" sending him over the top rope.
    - Drew Mclntyre is eliminated!
    - Fire shoots up as Kane makes his way to the ring.
    - Kane goes after all the men in the ring.
    - He chokeslmas, Ted Dibiase, CM Punk & Shawn Michaels.
    - David Hart Smith nearly eliminates Kofi Kingston.
    - Entry number twenty is Zack Ryder.
    - He doesn't last long, a big boot from Kane sends him out.
    - Zack Ryder is eliminated!
    - Shawn Michaels goes for a super kick and misses Smith.
    - Triple H backs up as he is nearly hit from it, Tyson Kidd comes from behind and throws Triple H out.
    - Triple H is eliminated!
    - Kidd celebrates and turns around in to a super kick from Shawn Michaels.
    - Tyson Kidd falls out.
    - Tyson Kidd is eliminated!
    - Out next is Chris Jericho.
    - Smith goes for a clothesline on Michales but he ducks and a super kick send Smith over the top rope.
    - David Hart Smith is eliminated!
    - Out from the crowd comes Natalya.
    - Shawn is laughing at Smith leaning on the ropes.
    - Natalya runs in and throws Shawn Michaels over the top.
    - Shawn Michaels is eliminated!
    - Natalya runs back through the crowd as Kane elminates Cody Rhodes.
    - Cody Rhodes is eliminated!
    - Kane is then attacked by Ted Dibiase.
    - Jericho locks in the walls of Jericho on Kofi Kingston.
    - Then entry number twentytwo comes out, it's RVD!
    - The crowd cheers as RVD comes in kicking everyone.
    - He hits a 5 star fog splash on Ted Dibiase.
    - Punk runs at RVD and RVD throws him out.
    - CM Punk is eliminated!
    - RVD turns around and does his thumbs taunt as the crowd say RVD.
    - Punk comes back in and throws RVD out getting a lot of heat for it.
    - RVD is eliminated!
    - Out next is last years Royal Rumble winner Randy Orton.
    - RVD & Punk fight all the way up the ramp.
    - Orton hits an RKO on Kofi Kingston.
    - He goes to punt him but Kane blocks it by grabbing Ortons throat.
    - Kane goes for a chockslam but Orton counters into a backbreaker.
    - Orton calls Dibiase over and pushes him and tells him to take out Kane.
    - Dibiase pushes Orton back and walks off.
    - Orton swings Dibiase around and hits the RKO on him.
    - The crowd is stunnd.
    - Next out is Shelton Benjamin.
    - Benjamin is hit with the Codebreaker from jericho but it's Kane who throws Benjamin out.
    - Shelton Benjamin is eliminated!
    - Orton attacks Kofi Kingston.
    - Orton & Kofi fight on the apron.
    - Ted Dibiase runs at Orton and pushes him off.
    - Randy Orton is eliminated!
    - The crowd cheers as Orton is being held back the refree's.
    - Ted turns around into a "Codebreaker" from Chris Jericho.
    - Jack Swagger is out next.
    - Swagger does some of his moves and nearly gets eliminated.
    - Kofi nearly falls out.
    - Out next is Matt Hardy.
    - Matt hits Ted with a "side effect".
    - Jericho & Hardy have a back and forth, both hit a double clotheline and are layed out.
    - Out next is Edge!
    - The crowd cheers as Edge comes out, the people in the ring looked shocked.
    - Edge spears Matt Hardy, then Ted Dibiase followed by Kane.
    - Edge and Jericho come face to face, they laugh then Jericho turns around to attack Kofi and Edge dropkicks him out.
    - Chris jericho is eliminated!
    - The crowd start an "edge" chant as Jericho looks shocked.
    - Kane throws Jack Swagger out.
    - Jack Swagger is eliminated!
    - Out next is Dolph Ziggler.
    - Ziggler runs into a big boot from Kane then is thrown outside.
    - Dolph Ziggler is eliminated!
    - Kane chokeslams Matt Hardy out of the ring.
    - Matt Hardy is eliminated!
    - Out next is John Morrison.
    - Morrison does some great high flying stuff.
    - Kane stops him with an uppercut.
    - Kane tries to eliminate him but Morrison hangs on to the rope.
    - The last entry is The Big Show!
    - Big Show & Kane fight back and forth, Kane ends up getting the knockout punch and falls to the outside.
    - Kane is eliminated!
    - Show then eliminates Kofi Kingston while he is on the turnbuckle, a swift punch and Kofi falls to the outside.
    - Kofi Kongston is eliminated!
    - Edge then starts to attack Big Show soon followed by John Morrison & Ted Dibiase.
    - They all try to throw Show out but he over powers them.
    - Show pushes them away and chokeslams John Morrison.
    - Ted Dibiase runs at Show and is dumpped over the top rope.
    - Ted Dibiase is eliminated.
    - Big Show turns around into a spear from Edge, Show falls out.
    - Big Show is eliminated!
    - John Morrison gets up, Edge looks at him they notice that only one of them will win the match.
    - Morrison with a punch to Edge, Edge hits back with a punch of his own.
    - Edge gets more in and goes for a spear but Morrison jumps it.
    - Edge hits the turnbuckle and falls to the mat.
    - Marrison runs up and goes for "Starship Pain".
    - Edge rolls out of the way.
    - Morrison backs up to the ropes holding his gut.
    - Edge runs at him for a spear.
    - Morrison leaps off the second rope and springboards at Edge hitting him with a kick to the head.
    - The crowd cheer, Morrison goes for "Starship Pain" again.
    - Edge gets up and pushes Morrison on to the apron.
    - Edge kicks Morrison in the gut then bounces off the ropes.
    - Edge goes for a spear but Morrison jumps and Edge lands on the apron.
    - Morrison jumps over the top rope back into the ring.
    - He springboards off the turnbuckle and kicks Edge to the outside.
    - Edge is eliminated!

    Winner - John Morrison

    - John Morrsion gets up to a crowd clapping and cheering.
    - Morrison is announced as the 2010 Royal Rumble winner.
    - He gets on the turnbuckle and points to the Wrestlemania XXVI sign.
    - The pyro goes off.
    - Edge re enters the ring.
    - He walks up to Morrison and raises his hand up then shakes his hand and leaves him in the ring.
    - The screen fades to balck with Morrison pointing at the sign of Wrestlemania XXVI.

    Quick Results:

    Christian def. Vance Archer
    Gail Kim def. Maryse
    Undertaker def. Batista & rey Mysterio
    Sheamus def. John Cena
    John Morrison Won the Royal Rumble

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    WWE: Year 2010 Empty Re: WWE: Year 2010

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    Royal Rumble 2010

    Entry Order

    1. Evan Bourne
    2. Tyson Kidd
    3. Cody Rhodes
    4. R-Truth
    5. Ezekiel Jackson
    6. The Miz
    7. Kofi Kingston
    8. William Regal
    9. Vladimir Kozlov
    10. Carlito
    11. David Hart Smith
    12. Triple H
    13. CM Punk
    14. MVP
    15. Mark Henry
    16. Drew Mclntyre
    17. Ted Dibiase
    18. Shawn Michaels
    19. Kane
    20. Zack Ryder
    21. Chris Jericho
    22. RVD
    23. Randy Orton
    24. Shelton Benjamin
    25. Jack Swagger
    26. Matt Hardy
    27. Edge
    28. Dolph Ziggler
    29. John Morrison
    30. Big Show

    Elimination Order

    1. R-Turth by The Miz
    2. Ezekiel Jackson by Vladimir Kozlov
    3. Carlito bu Vladimir Kozlov
    4. Vladimir Kozlov by William Regal
    5. The Miz by Evan Bourne
    6. William Regal by Kofi Kingston
    7. Evan Bourne by CM Punk
    8. MVP by CM Punk
    9. Mark Henry by Triple H, Tyson Kidd, David Hart Smith, CM Punk & Cody Rhodes
    10. Drew Mclntyre by Shawn Michaels
    11. Zack Ryder by Kane
    12. Triple H by Tyson Kidd
    13. Tyson Kidd by Shawn Michaels
    14. David Hart Smith by Shawn Michaels
    15. Shawn Michaels by Natalya
    16. Cody Rhodes by Kane
    17. CM Punk by RVD
    18. RVD by CM Punk
    19. Shelton benjamin by Kane
    20. Randy Orton by Ted Dibiase
    21. Chris Jericho by Edge
    22. Jack Swagger by Kane
    23. Dolph Ziggler by Kane
    24. Matt Hardy by Kane
    25. Kane by the Big Show
    26. Kofi Kingston by Big Show
    27. Ted Dibiase by Big Show
    28. Big Show by Edge
    29. Edge by John Morrison

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    Raw Preview:

    The night after the Royal Rumble. The 2010 Royal Rumble winner John Morrison has been invited to Raw by General Manager Stephanie McMahon, Morrison will be given time to address the WWE Universe about who he will face at Wrestlemania XXVI. After been eliminated from the Royal Rumble match by Evan Bourne, The Miz will be defending his United States Championship against Evan Bourne. New Divas Champion Gail Kim will take on Jillian in a non-title match. Also WWE Champion Sheamus & John Cena will also be on the show.

    Confirmed Matches:

    United States Championship Match
    The Miz vs Evan Bourne

    Gail Kim vs Jillian

    John Morrison speaks on winning the Royal Rumble

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    Raw Episode 1:
    "The Road To Wrestlemania XXVI Begins"

    Raw starts, the pyro goes off as Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw. Cole says tonight we will see the United States Champion The Miz put his title on the line against Evan Bourne, also new Divas Champion Gail Kim takes on Jillian. They talk a bit about the Rumble match and they say that John Morrison will speak tonight on his win.
    The camara cuts to the ring were Justin Roberts is standing by.

    - Justin Roberts welcomes Raw General Manager Stephanie McMahon to the ring.
    - The general manager makes her way out to a mixed reation.
    - Steph says that the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view is fast aproching.
    - She continues by saying the Sheamus will defend his WWE Championship at the pay-per-view inside the Elimination Chamber, the crowd cheers.
    - That is until the WWE Champions music hits, the crowd starts to boo as Sheamus makes his way out with Katie Lea.
    - Sheamus tells Stephanie McMahon that he beat John Cena not once but twice, he says he has more than proven himself to be WWE Champion.
    - The crowd boos, Sheamus tells them to shut up.
    - The crowd get louder and start a "you suck" chant.
    - Stephanie asks why he is out here, Sheamus says he is out he to thank the lovely Katie Lea and her help at the Royal Rumble.
    - The crowd boos, Stephanie looks pissed and says that she was interrupted for that.
    - Sheamus says he wants to say something else, Katie Lea takes the microphone off Sheamus.
    - She tells Stephanie that Sheamus has beaten the best Raw has, John Cena twice and he shouldn't have to put his title on the line at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.
    - Sheamus nods his head as the fans boo, Stephanie says last time she checked Katie Lea wasn't the general manager of Raw.
    - Sheamus tells Stephanie to show Katie Lea some respect, he then tells her that she should respeact Katie Lea and himself and so should the WWE Universe.
    - The crowd boos, and out comes John Cena.
    - Cena says he wants a chance to face Sheamus at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.
    - Sheamus says no way, he says he has beaten Cena twice and it's about time he faces someone who can give him a challenge.
    - Stephanie stops the two she says that at the pay-per-view it will not be a one on one match, superstars will have to quailfy to face Sheamus.
    - She reminds Sheamus that it's inside the Elimination Chamber and that means he will have not one but five opponents to face.
    - The crowd cheers as Sheamus looks angry, Stephanie then says we will two quailying matches tonight and she isn't giving out who will be in the matches.
    - She then says she can announce one name and thats John Cena, he will face a mystery opponent tonight in the mainevent.
    - The crowd cheers as Stephanie McMahon's music plays and she heads backstage, Sheamus & Cena stare down as we go to an ad break.

    - Back from the ad break and it's time for the first match of the night.

    (Match 1)
    United States Championship Match
    The Miz vs Evan Bourne

    - Out comes Evan Bourne, Michael Cole puts over Bourne saying he did an amazing job in his first Royal Rumble match.
    - The Miz's music plays but the Miz is nowhere to be seen.
    - Out from the crowd comes The Miz, he attacks Bourne from behind and the bell rings for the match to start.
    - The Miz gets Bourne in the corner and starts stompping on him, the refree calls for a break but The Miz doesn't listen.
    -The refree counts to four and The miz stops.
    - Bourne gets back to his feet and The Miz slaps Bourne in the face.
    - The Miz taunts Bourne and Bourne kicks Miz in the face sending him to the mat.
    - Bourne covers Miz but only gets a 1 count.
    - Bourne hits The Miz with a knee to the face, The Miz rolls to the outside holding his jaw.
    - Bourne does a suicide dive but the Miz moves out of the way.
    - The Miz throws Bourne into the steel steps then puts him back in the ring and goes for the cover.
    - 1....2...Kickout by Evan Bourne.
    - The Miz locks in a submission move that wears down Evan's back.
    - Bourne's flexability allows him to kick The Miz in the head, he kicks him three times before The Miz lets go.
    - Bourne does a leg sweep and quickly covers The Miz.
    - 1.....2......Kickout by The Miz!
    - Bourne bounces off the ropes and hits Miz with a tornado DDT.
    - Bourne covers The Miz again.
    - 1....2.......kickout again by The Miz!
    - Bourne goes to the top rope and hits The Miz with both his knee's to his face.
    - Bourne hocks both legs.
    - 1.....2......Kickout by The Miz.
    - Bourne picks up The Miz, Miz pokes Bourne in the eyes and dropkicks Bourne.
    - Bourne hits the turnbuckle due to the dropkcik.
    - The Miz grabs Bourne and goes for "The Skull Crushing Finale" but Bourne kicks his legs up on the turnbuckle.
    - Bourne pushes off the turnbuckle and falls on Miz, the refree counts.
    - 1.......2.....Kickout by The Miz once more.
    - Bourne gets up and is shocked that The Miz kicked out.
    - Bourne goes to kick The Miz but he catches his leg.
    - Bourne uses his other leg by The Miz catches that.
    - The Miz with a jacknife pin, the Miz puts his foot over the rope for leverage.
    - The refree counts, 1........2...........3!

    Winner and still United States Champion - The Miz

    - The Miz is handed the U.S Championship back, the crowd boo's as replays are shown of the match.
    - Bourne looks shocked as The Miz exits up the ramp holding the U.S Championship.
    - The Miz yells out he's "Awesome" before heading to the back.
    - The camara cuts backstage.

    - Backstage we see Sheamus with Katie Lea in the locker room.
    - Katie Lea is all over Sheamus, she says that they didn't get to celebrate his win after the Royal Rumble.
    - Sheamus says he will make it to her some other time.
    - She asks whats the matter with him he doesn't seem quite himself.
    - Sheamus goes to answer but in walks John Morrison.
    - Sheamus stands up and grabs his WWE Championship.
    - Morrison says he is just here to say hi.
    - Sheamus tells him to get back to Smackdown.
    - Morrison says he was invited by Stephanie McMahon, he tells Sheamus that he has an announcment to make.
    - Morrison looks at the WWE Championship and says it might have something to do with that.
    - Sheamus gets angry and storms out, Katie Lea runs after him.
    - The camara zooms in on John Morrison, he has a smile on his face as we go to an ad break.

    (Match 2)
    Gail Kim vs Jillian

    - Jillian comes out to some heat.
    - She gets a microphone and tells everyone she is done with singing.
    - The fans cheer, Jillian goes on to say that she has a new carrer goal.
    - Jillian says that it's winning the Divas Championship, the crowd boo's.
    - Out comes Divas Champion Gail Kim to a pop, screen shots are shown of her match against Maryse as she walks to the ring.
    - The match starts Gail turns away to hand the title to Justin Roberts and Jillian attacks Gail from behind.
    - Jillian hits some elbows then tries a sidwalk slam but Gail counters into an armdrag.
    - Gail runs at Jillian and ducks through he legs.
    - Gail jumps up on the second rope on the turnbuckle, Jillian turns around and Gail does a quick springboard crossbody.
    - Gail covers Jillian but only gets a two count.
    - Gail picks Jillian up and is kneed in the gut.
    - Jillian throws Gail into the turnbuckle.
    - Jillian with a hand spring elbow, Gail moves out of the way on to the apron.
    - Jillian goes for a sholder to Gail's gut but Gail jumps up and lands on Jillian's head.
    - Gail goes up to the top turnbuckle.
    - Jillian holds her throat, turns around into a missile dropkick from Gail Kim.
    - Gail covers Jillian but only gets a 2 count.
    - Gail goes for "Eat Defeat" but Jillian conters it into a rollup.
    - Jillian holds the tights, the refree counts.
    - 1...2....The refree stops counting.
    - He sees Jillian holding the tight and tells her to let go.
    - Jillian argues with the refree, she turns around into an enziguri by Gail Kim.
    - Gail hits "Eat Defeat" on covers Jillian.
    - 1...2....3!

    Winner - Gail Kim

    - Gail Kim celebrates her win, she stands on the turnbuckle and hold the Divas Champion high in the air.
    - The crowd starts to boo as Maryse rushes to the ring, Gail Kim has no idea that Maryse is in the ring.
    - Gail hops of the turnbuckle and turns around.
    - Maryse hits Gail with a hard kick to Gail's face, the Divas Champion falls to the mat.
    - Maryse says something to Gail in french then picks her up.
    - Maryse taunts the crowd as they contunie to boo.
    - She pulls Gail by the hair then hits her with the "French Kiss".
    - Maryse grabs the Divas Championship and kisses it then places it on a motionless Gail Kim.
    - Maryse's music plays as she exits the ring, the fans boo as the camara cuts backstage.

    - Backstage we see John Morrison making his way to the ring.
    - Michael Cole says up next the 2010 Royal Rumble winner John Morrison will speak.
    - We go to another ad break.


    (Match 3)
    Zack Ryder vs Chris Masters

    - Out first is one of Raw's newest talent, Zack Ryder with Rosa Mendez Raw's newest Diva.
    - Ryder gets on the mic saying now he is on the "A Show" he is going straight to the top.
    - He says that in 2010 Zack Ryder will be holding gold
    - "Woo Woo Woo You Know It"
    - Out next is Chris Masters with Eve, they get a nice little pop from the crowd.
    - The match begins.
    - Rosa walks over to Eve and starts screaming in her face.
    - Chris Masters gets distracted by the divas outside and Ryder attacks Masters from behind.
    - Ryder starts working over Masters legs.
    - Ryder ends up locking in a half boston crab.
    - The fans start "Ryder sucks" chant.
    - Masters gets to the ropes, Ryder is forced to break the hold.
    - Masters elbows Ryder in the gut a couple of times as he gets to his feet.
    - Ryder kicks Masters in the gut and goes to irish whip him.
    - Masters doesn't move, Ryder pulls the arm harder but Masters is too strong.
    - Masters ends up irish whipping Ryder.
    - Ryder bounces back and takes a big back bodydrop.
    - Ryder gets up holding his back, Masters starts hitting heaps of clotheslines.
    - Ryder ducks a clothesline.
    - Ryder goes for a clothesline of his own but Masters counters it.
    - Masters hits Ryder with a half nelson slam.
    - He covers Zack Ryder.
    - 1.....2.......Ropebreak!
    - Rosa Mendez put Ryders foot on the bottom rope.
    - Masters gets distracted by Rosa, Eve runs around and tackles her down.
    - The two roll around on the outside.
    - Masters gets out of the ring and seperates the two.
    - Chris then goes to re enter the ring.
    - Ryder baseball sides Masters leg he worked over.
    - Masters falls to one knee, he has one leg in the ring and the other on the apron.
    - Ryder grabs Masters and hits the "Zack Attack".
    - Ryder drags Masters away from the ropes and covers him.
    - 1.....2.......3!

    Winner - Zack Ryder

    - Zack Ryder has his hand rasied in victory.
    - Rosa Mendez joins him in the ring, Eve also gets in teh ring to check on Chris Masters.
    - Rosa says something to Ryder.
    - Ryder grabs Eve by the hair, the crowd boo's.
    - Ryder holds Eve so Rosa can slap her, she slaps her a couple of times then kicks her in the gut.
    - Rosa grabs Eve and hits her with a "Zack Attack".
    - The crowd boo more as Ryder and Rosa exit the ring.
    - The camara goes back to the ring where we see Chris Masters sitting up and checking on Eve.
    - The camara shows Ryder & Rosa laughing at the top of the ramp before cutting to an ad break.

    - Back from the ad break and it's time for the first Elimination Chamber quailfing match.
    - The crowd goes quiet as they await the unknown competerters.
    - Soon the crowd boo's as the Big Show comes out, he walks to the ring with a comferdent smerk on his face.
    - Out next the "World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry who gets a big pop from the crowd.
    - Big Show doesn't look to happy about facing Mark Henry.

    (Match 4)
    Elimination Chamber Quailfing Match

    Big Show vs Mark Henry

    - The two have a stare down.
    - The crowd is behind Mark Henry.
    - Big Show goes for a punch but Henry ducks and bounces off the ropes.
    - Henry rams into Show but he does move.
    - Henry does it once more but Show is still standing.
    - Henry goes again but Show gets his boot up and Henry hits the mat.
    - Big Show bounces off the ropes and goes for a leg drop but Henry moves out of the way.
    - Henry backs up to the corner holding his mouth.
    - Show gets up and charges at Henry.
    - Henry moves and Show hits the turnbuckle.
    - Henry bounces off the ropes and hits Show with a flying sholder block.
    - Show hits the mat.
    - Henry covers but Show kicks out at 1.
    - Henry kicks Show in the face as he sits up, he then does a quick body spalsh and covers Show.
    - Big Show kicks out at 2.
    - Mark then waits for show to get to his feet.
    - He picks up Show for the "Worlds Strongest Slam".
    - Show is to heavy and he falls on top of henry.
    - Show stays on top to cover.
    - 1.....2....Kickout by Mark Henry.
    - Show signals for the knockout punch.
    - Henry gets to his feet and duck the punch.
    - Henry bounces off the ropes and Show catches Henry around the throat.
    - Henry kicks Show in the leg and hits a DDT.
    - Both men are down the refree starts to count.
    - Henry starts to get up to his feet at 6.
    - Both are up by 8.
    - Henry bounces off the ropes and Show hits a spear on Mark Henry.
    - He covers.
    - 1........2..........3!

    Winner - Big Show

    - Backstage we see Josh Mathews standing by with John Cena.
    - Joash asks about the Elimination Chamber quailfing match tonight.
    - Cena says it doesn't matter who Stephanie has him face tonight.
    - He says he will win his match tonight then go on to beat five other men inside the Chamber.
    - We hear clapping in the distance, it starts to get louder.
    - The camara zooms out and we see Big Show clapping.
    - Big Show says bravo to Cena.
    - Big Show then points out that everytime John Cena is in a Chamber match things don't end well.
    - He says that after winning his first Chamber match Edge cashed in him Money In the Bank case and beat Cena.
    - He then says last year Cena didn't last very long in the Chamber match.
    - Cena tells Show the past is the past and this year will be diffrent.
    - Cena says he will walk out WWE Champion.
    - Show smerks and says Cena has to quailfy, Show also says he has already quailfyed.
    - And he says who ever else quailfys will be wishing they didn't, Show then puts his fist up to John Cena's face.
    - He then walks off, Cena looks on with a pissed off look on his face.

    - Out comes the Unified Tag Team Champions, Shawn Michaels & Triple H Degeneration X.
    - The crowd cheers as DX make there way to the ring throwing glow syicks to the crowd.
    - They come out and talk about the Royal Rumble.
    - Shawn Michaels says that The Hart Dynasty cost him & Triple H a shot at maineventing Wrestlemania XXVI.
    - Shawn says it wasn't only Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith they had to worry about, it was all the other superstars in the match.
    - He then says none of them eliminated him, no one in the match did but someone did.
    - Shawn says Natalya cost him a shot at a World Championship match, he calls out The Hart Dynasty.
    - Triple H grabs the microphone off Shawn and says they know that they are back there.
    - We see The Hart Dynasty on the titantron, Natalya talks.
    - She calls Shawn Michaels a loser then says that DX is old and dried up unlike The Hart Dynasty.
    - Tyson kidd says that they are the future of the WWE and says they will be the next Unified Tag Team Champions.
    - Natalya invites DX to Smackdown she says they will show up once they see what they have found backstage.
    - Triple H & Shawn Michaels look confused, the camara pans back and we see Hornswoggle tied up.
    - Natalya says if that if they want Hornswoggle back then they will have to come to Smackdown and meet there demands.
    - Hornswoggle starts yelling but has tape around his mouth.
    - Natalya kicks Hornswoggle in the head, he falls over and the crowd boo's.
    - Shawn Michaels & Triple H run to the backstage area as we cut to an ad break.

    - Back from the ad break and Justin Roberts is standing in the ring ready to announce the next match.
    - Out first is John Cena who gets a mixed reaction from the fans.
    - He waits in the ring for his mystery partner in the second Elimination Chamber quailfing match.
    - Out comes another former ECW talent, Ezekiel Jackson.
    - Jerry Lawler & Michael Cole talk about how dominate Jackson was in ECW and that Cena has a tough fight ahead of him.

    (Match 5)
    Elimination Chamber Quailfing Match
    John Cena vs Ezekiel Jackson

    - The match starts, Jackson & Cena lock up.
    - They both try to push one another but neither move.
    - They break apart the lock up again this time Jackson starts to push Cena towards the corner.
    - Cena uses his speed to jolt around the side of Jackson.
    - Cena bounces off the ropes and runs right into Jackson.
    - Jackson picks Cena up and slams him to the mat followed by an elbow drop and cover.
    - Cena kicks straight out.
    - Jackson forces Cena into the corner, the refree tries to hold Big Zeke back but he starts to stomp on Cena in the corner.
    - Zeke keeps on stomping on Cena, the refree starts to count.
    - The refree reaches a 5 count and the match is stopped.

    Winner by DQ - John Cena

    - Jackson doesn't seem to care about what has just happened, he keeps kicking Cena.
    - He finally stops but he is not done just yet.
    - He waits for Cena to stand up then he charges at him and slams into Cena.
    - He then picks up a lifeless John Cena and hits the "Zekequlizer".
    - The crowd boo's as Zeke smiles, he then goes out of the ring and starts looking under the ring.
    - He throws a chair into the ring then starts to pull the steel ringsteps apart.
    - Zeke put half of the steps in the ring.
    - He then gets back in as Cena is getting to his feet.
    - Jackson picks up the steel chair, he takes a look at Cena and blasts him over the head with it.
    - Blood starts dripping from Cena's forhead, YES BLOOD!
    - Jackson taunts the crowd then picks up John Cena, blood oozing from his head.
    - Jackson then picks Cena up.
    - Be backs up and hits a running powerslam on the steel steps.
    - Cena screams in pain as the fans boo.
    - Jackson gets up and rasies his arms in what he thinks is victory.
    - John Cena will move on to the Elimination Chamber but at what cost?
    - The camara fades to black with Medical staff rushing to the ring and a new force to be reckoned with, Ezekiel Jackson standing over a bloody John Cena.

    Quick Results:

    The Miz def. Evan Bourne
    Gail Kim def. Jillian
    Chris Masters def. Zack Ryder
    Big Show def. Mark Henry
    John Cena def. Ezekiel Jackson


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    WWE: Year 2010 Empty Re: WWE: Year 2010

    Post  TooNook on Thu Jan 14, 2010 1:44 pm

    Smackdown Preview:
    Smackdown General Manager made it known on wwe.com that the World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. Long has announced that at the pay-per-view there will be another Elimination Chamber match, the World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line in the match. The Champion, The Undertaker will take on five other Smackdown Superstars in the match. Tonight on Smackdown, CM Punk will take on Rey Mysterio in the first Quailfing Match. Teddy also announced that a number one contender match would also be tonights Smackdown the winner will get an Intercontinental Championship Match. All this and more on Friday Night Smackdown!

    Confirmed Matches:

    #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Championship Match - Triple Threat Match
    R-Truth vs Kane vs Yoshi Tatsu

    Elimination Chamber Qualiflying Match
    CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio

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    ECW Talent Information

    After ECW finished up the Superstars & Divas were up for grabs meaning that Smackdown GM Theodore Long & Raw GM Stephanie McMahon could sign any of them to a contract if they wanted to.

    Here is the current status of the former ECW roster:

    To Raw:

    Ezekiel Jackson
    Zack Ryder
    Rosa Mendez
    Vance Archer
    Josh Mathews

    To Smackdown:

    Yoshi Tatsu
    Shelton Benjamin
    Trent Barreta
    Caylen Croft
    The Hurricane


    Byron Saxton
    Abraham Washington
    Tony Atlas
    Wiiliam Regal
    Vladimir Kozlov
    Tyler Reks

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